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Monday, October 23, 2006

What's Spinning: Going Back To Basic

If you are bored with your radio station only playing Fergie, Justin, Robbie or Diddy, well it's time for you to go to the music stores to look for the following two albums.

Louise Setara....who? Lousie Setara. 18 year old lass. You may not likely find this album in your local store yet but you may want to check and ask about it. Consist of 13 nothing could go wrong tracks, it's excellent for a lazy hazy afternoon session. Her vocal came across as a mixed of Kelly Clarkson + Lee Ann Rimes, which is soulful and powerful. This is a pure classic pop ballad album with a few really outstanding tracks such as Make You Feel My Love (written by Bob Dylan) and If I Should Fall (written by Bruce Springsteen). However, there are a few tracks you may not take it easily such as the gospel-ish Cirlce and the folksie Slvie. Well give it a try. The following link let you sample the full album for a limited time. Louise Setara

Another good example of why classic pop could never go wrong. If you love Legend's first album, Get Lifted, you will definitely love this one. And if the your local radio station has yet to put Save Room on their spinning list, request for it. Not your convential R&B singer, Legend manage to blend it a lil' bit of rock and a lil's bit of pop to make his R&B the 'Legend' style. Unfortch, there ain't a site to let you sample the whole album. Well, perhaps sampling 30seconds of each track may give you enough reason to go and buy this album. Click here


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