It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's Not Me, She's Just A Bitch!

Neighbours or tenants or people living in the same building can be quite funny at times. There are those nosy ones, friendly ones, unsocial ones and of course the snobbish ones. And if the latter turns out to be young female adults, I'll label them the bitchy ones.

Just like last Friday evening. To access the lift in my apartment, one needs to swipe the access card and key in a 4 digit passcode. Well..most of the time, you may need not to do so if there are a few people who's accessing the lift simultaneously or some one just leave the glassdoor open.

So there I was coming back from work and noted that there was this person opening the glassdoor. So I sped up trying to reach the door before it closes. However, the door tends to swing faster than me. I was hoping that upon seeing me (while she was still waiting for the lift), she would be kind enough to push the access button to let me in. Instead, this beech just stood there as if I'm invisible. As I keyed in my passcode, the lift arrived. She got in while I quickly opened the door and dash to catch the lift. To my disbelief, this beech was just standing inside the lift without even pressing the open button.

WHAT A BEE-YACH!!! You know what they say about karma...may your ***** rot forever!


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