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Monday, October 23, 2006

Recipe For One: Chicken & Potato in Dark Soya Sauce

Quite impressive with myself this evening as I have successfully cook a nice dish. Here’s the recipe, for ONE. You need

Two chicken thigh, de-boned (25 baht)
One medium size potato (7 baht)
Sauce:1 teaspoon dark soya sauce
dashes of soya sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
half cup of water
pinch of parsley flakes
3-4 tablespoon of oil
pinch of corn flour for thickening the sauce
Items to marinate the chicken
pinch of ginger powder (or fresh ginger juice)
dashes of pepper
chinese cooking wine or rum
fried garlic/onion

Generally, marinate the chicken for a few hours with all the ingredients.
Cut the potato into small pieces (cooked much faster). Heat up the pan and put in the oil. Once it's hot, pan fried the potato until golden brown. Put the potato aside and the pour away the oil, left with about 1 tablespoon of it. Pan fried the chicken (for easier cooking, cut the chicken into moderate size, for lazy people, just leave it). Once the chicken is almost cook, add in the sauces (without the water). Oh...add a pinch of sugar to make it more tasty. Fried for about a minute, then pour in the water and potato. Cook until the potato kinda soften. Add corn flour to thicken the sauce. Voila! Serve with rice and a glass of cold water.

Estimate cost including rice (less than 50 baht).


  • At 9:19 AM, Anonymous ato said…

    If you need something quick and easy, plus cheap: fried sliced onions with dried shrimps until brownish. Pour them in flour mixed with water and add some salts. Pour the mixture into the pan for 10 minutes (put very little oil if you are using non-sticky pan) and voila, a nice homestyled Chinese pancake. You can imagine how good it smells? Mmm...


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