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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

People are not visiting anymore?

It has been my third time in Old Town Coffee Shop since my trip back to KL this Chinese New Year. And yes, it's much less crowded compared to normal days but one thing that really suprise me is to observe the changing trend especially the KLites in how they celebrate Chinese New Year.

Traditionally, at least the first two days of CNY, one is not supposed to really go hang out but more of staying at home waiting for relatives and friends or going to visit relatives and friends, spend hours there, playing cards, etc etc.

But on the first day of CNY, around 8pm, I was suprised to find Old Town filled up not just by young people but also by large families, the grandpa, grandma, babies, etc. Have the tradition of staying home in celebrating CNY no more? Or are we being too lazy to cook any meals or our house are too precious to mess it up that we have to go out to a coffeeshop who serves simple toast, noodles and coffee to enjoy family times?

One thing i had to admit is that the TV really didn't help at all. The programs on terrestrial TV really sucks while ASTRO didn't really do much justice.

If it wasn't for my need to access the internet, I wouldn't make such regular trip to this place, not that it is a bad place, but...


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