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Monday, January 26, 2009

I responded...

Like it or not, here’s a track by track review of Maroon 5’s Call & Response: The Remix Album. If you ever like Maroon 5 but not crazy enough to buy their album, it’s time to buy this one. This is what you will get when you ask DJs and hip-hop producers to revision their own Maroon 5’s tracks.

The one good thing about this remix album is being not too clubby and not too heavy with sampling. Most are quite light and simple.

If I Never See You Again (Swiss Beatz Remix) – the original track without Rihanna. The rap intro had me by surprised but very classy with heavy sampling, making it having a late 80s or early 90s feel. A bit Cliviles + Coles feel to it though.

Wake Up Called (feat. Mary J.Blige) (Mark Ronson Mix) – Anything that featuring Mary J. Blige will get me crazy about it. For example, the Moto Blanco mix of Robin Thicke’s Magic which feature Mary on it is another good track. Overall, I don’t find this track any majorly different from its original although with a whole new music arrangement, yet maintain its tasteful rock feel.

Sunday Morning (Ahmir Thompson Mix) – One of my favorite Maroon 5’s track. Here, the remixer was good in maintaining the overall ‘lazy Sunday morning’ mood to it. I love the sound of the piano throughout the track.

Makes Me Wonder (Ryan West Mix) – the dramatic piano intro, had me by surprised in view of the upbeat original version. Here, the remixer had stripped it off and give it a ochestra-ish first verse before lacing in the heavy beats during the chorus. Very Mary J.Blige’s No More Drama.

This Love (RedZone Mix) – Initially, I thought it’s a Red One production. Again, stripping off the original sound, this mix is not too heavy with bass or beats. Just simple sythensized beats, light electro feel. Not something to shout about though. But the adding of ‘She Will Be Loved’ at the end was a surprise, and would be much better if it’s perfectly fade into the next track…

She Will Be Loved (Neptunes Mix) – The drum beats signify Pharell Williams’ works. Instead of making it a head banger club track, Neptunes just create a slightly more upbeat feel to the track. Perhaps missing a rap verse at the bridge.

Shiver (DJ Quik mix) – once you get a DJ to redo your song, it’s definitely a club track. Well, not this one. Very bluesy feel.

Wake Up Call (David Banner Mix) – Not my favorite track here as I would have expected heavier beats. Let’s skip this…

Harder to Breathe (The Cool Kids Mix) – I still prefer the original version than this one although this is not too far away from it except the inclusion of the rap verse.

Little of Your Time (Bloodshy & Avant Mix) – What can one expect from B&A? An electro-dance track of course. Not a very big fan of B&A…too Fatboy Slim feel here.

Little of Your Time (Montreal Mix) – The beat gets heavier here. Not sure why it’s being arranged as a back-to-back track with the B&A Mix. But don’t really like both mixes. It felt like an experiment for both remixers.

Goodnight Goodnight (Deerhoof Mix) – a slow electronic opening…then the guitar notes…the haunting vocal of Adam Levine creates a very dark feeling to it, that is until it get into the chorus. Not sure what the remixer is trying to do here, it’s like mixing few concepts into one song which somehow didn’t really work that well.

Not Falling Apart (Tiesto Mix) – the first club track in the album and nicely done by DJ Tiesto. I like this remix, giving it a Euro-dance feel to it.

Better Than We Break (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Mix) – Another good attempt, creating a light hip-hop feel. Fusion jazz perhaps. Running at only 2 minutes 40 second, perhaps it’s a bit too short.

Secret (Premier 5 Mix) – This remix reminds me of another remix, can’t remember but I believed it’s the All Star mix of Madonna’s Secret. In fact, it would be perfect if Madonna was to lend her vocals here.

Woman (Sam Farrar Mix) – another fusion jazz mix. Not very outstanding but nice for another lazy afternoon in the bar/lounge.

This Love (Cut Copy Galactic Beach House Mix) – Very Madonna’s Confession on A Dance Floor feel. This is not a song but a nice dance track. I would have called it a Beach House Dub rather than Mix but nonetheless, good remix.

If I Never See Your Face Again (Paul Oakenfold Mix) – mmmm….what can one expect but another club classic from Oakenfold. Is that Rihanna’s Disturbia I’m hearing?

With 18 tracks in one CD, definitely a worthy to purchase and considering quite a few are very radio friendly too.

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