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Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's anything but...

I can't help myself but to make a review on one of the more anticipated movie this Summer. No, it's not KungFu Panda. I don't think this movie is available in Malaysia since it will required so much snip snip that the title of this movie will have to be just called 'and the City'. LOL!

Anyway, it has been a while since we last enjoy the company of these 4 women which brings us laughters about their thoughts on love, sex, relationships as well as labels.
If you ask me was it worth the watch? As somekind of reunion, yeah perhaps. But did it match the hype it made during its tenure in HBO? Not really or perhaps it's a bit too long, running at 140 minutes instead of the usual 20+minutes.
It is still a good watch but don't expect to get all those fun moments and 'gasp' scenes here.
If I'm to retitled this movie, i will name it Love and The City.
Or perhaps it was a bit weird to see Samantha craving for sex but not getting it.
There are definitely a few unforgetable moments but the one that really hit me is the scene where Carrie in her wedding gown confront Mr. Big with Charlotte holding on to her. That scene both SJP and Kristin Davis played it so well and so real that you can really feel their emotion.

Hence, do go and watch this movie with your BFF.

The movie also got me crazy about two songs. India Arie's The Heart of the Matter and Duffy's Mercy.

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