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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Serious piece of S***

It has been a while that I treated myself for a Saturday outing ever since moving to the new place. With the works and grocery purchase, this afternoon is definitely something nice to at least enjoy for a moment considering the news on China continue to give us more and more grief.

Of course, if you wish to read something to forget about this devastating stuff, just head over to any Malaysia newspapers and look for news on the politics and their antics in the parliament. While this is nothing new as we have seen worse with the Taiwan politics and probably Korea, but I just wonder, is the Western parliament just as interesting and eye opening?

Since I only rely on the online English daily in Thailand, there is really nothing much to read about except politics politics and politics. Even though the election had been over, yet, the new government is still that stable in the sense that people are still hitting hard on the new PM. As a bystander, shouldn’t we give the new PM some kind of probationary period?

Or probably with the continue gloom on the economy, people just want fast and workable solutions. And all this is simply contributed by the increasing oil price. Somehow, I just don’t understand how could oil prices increased to such level in such a short time, as if much higher demand and much lesser stock, which I really doubt that. And everything is going up (in terms of price) and yet we have two Airlines continue to give the customers the benefits of zero pricing.

While I’m happy about it but to have one airline outright denying it is competing with the other airline is downright idiocracy. People these days are not stupid. We are just ignorant.

Wow, can you believe this piece of ‘see-rock-at-peace’ that I’ve just written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to order another cup of Teh-C.



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