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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Hunters on the Prowl Again.

I’ve been hunted twice in the past week. That was quite a record for me. Has been a while since I was being hunted in such a regular interval and both hunters are relatively new to me. One such hunter, I believed is relatively new to this forestry that he did make some simple mistakes and not doing enough background checking. It’s like random shooting and being me, the hunted one, I had to play my role as a nasty target. I do bite! Overall, escaped one but got tagged by another one.

The first one was a female hunter. And she’s totally from another universe. Hence the zoo that she described to me, of which she would like to put me on display was really not interesting at all considering the patrons who will be visiting this zoo are very much corporate people. Not my cup of tea. The most funny thing about this hunter is that it took her quite a while to introduce herself as if she’s trying not to reveal herself being a hunter but couldn’t find a better term. Being an experience hunted target, we will and should know how to play around with these newbies.

The second hunter brought with him a zoo with a much familiar ground. Hence, I did spent some time running slowly around the forest while the hunter laid his bait. Sadly, the location of the zoo was way too familiar and of which I had no intention of going back to that location. After reviewing the bait, I realized the zoo that he wanted me to be on displayed was actually my previous zoo. Not that I hated my previous zoo so much but as we (the ‘huntees’) have constant communication and some updates on different zoos, I believed, this zoo is not that appealing at the moment to return to. Like I said, if this hunter has done enough background work, I believed he wouldn’t have wasted his time targeting me.

Well, at least it’s fun to be hunted again.
For you who have no idea what this entry is about, don’t try to.


  • At 5:01 PM, Anonymous lund said…

    finally.... women chasing, sorry - hunting you!!!!!


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