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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thank You for the Entertainment

While cleaning up some files in my hard drive, I came upon this entry, which I believed I wrote while waiting for boarding back to Bangkok more than a month ago. Guess I forgot to upload it. Well, here it is....

...One of the good thing about AirAsia, the low cost airline is that it will provide some nice entertainment especially at the boarding gate. Such entertainment are normally provided by first time flyers, specifically flyers of the following demographic segments: the ‘Aunties’. Passengers of this segment are normally Female, late 30s to late 40s, possibly single or traveling with a group of friends of similar profile and perhaps of Chinese ethnicity.

Here’s how the entertainment started. I was sitting towards the back of the boarding gate area as many kiasu passengers had already line up despite no announcement was made. This group of aunties were coming out from the café nearby and was overwhelmed by the crowd and mentioned something like “Oh we are sitting at the back already”.

Suddenly another aunty coming out from the café kind of shouted “who left this in the café? I’m not sure what it is but the staff said it is from our group and it seems important” “Do we need this?”

Some conversations were made, some aunties checked their passport and bags, then one aunty mentioned that it’s her and another aunty said that the piece of paper is the boarding pass. Then a few aunties compared the numbers in their boarding pass.

A few minutes later, one of the aunty said that she better visit the loo before boarding and the rest of the aunties said that there should be toilet ‘up there’. Then the aunty asked to confirm a few times. But she went anyway.

A few minutes later, announcement was made. As always, the crew will mentioned about the Express boarding at another gate while those normal boarding to be remained. Being a first timer and possibly not familiar with AirAsia latest service, the aunties shouted that the queue is actually in that gate, and hence the herd of them quickly move to that gate. I just kept quite and enjoy the moment when the aunties dragging themselves back to the original line.

As we move on, the aunties start to complain and made suggestion that AirAsia should use the assigned seat approach and it is only as much as having additional numbers printed on the ticket. How fortunate, they are not the CEO of AirAsia.

As we walked to the plane, this group of aunties behave as if they were in a walkathon, walking and at times, jogging to the plane.

Well, that was the last I seen of them. To avoid getting myself having more entertainment (and getting annoyed by their behavior), I took the effort of sitting somewhere far away from them.

And here is my non-food for thought to Mr. Fernandez. Perhaps to produce & publish a ‘Dummy Guidebook’ or ‘Boarding a Plane 101’ for first time flyers and to ensure them from making a fool out of themselves in the airport and probably inside the plane. Oh…and this book or leaflet should be given free too. Just ask the counter staff to identify possible aunties, ask them “First time flying aunty?”, if the answer is yes, then just handout the leaflet to them. “Aunty, here’s a guidebook on how to board a plane. It will tell you what to do and what you cannot do and save you many possible embarrassing moments. And it’s free, please read before you board, aunty”....


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