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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Almost a DejaVu

Firstly...Merry CHristmas, y'all.

I can't recall where I was on last Christmas eve but probably staying at home. While this year, we had a long weekend where holidays begin from 22nd all the way to Christmas, I somehow did not get to fully enjoy much of it at all. Sunday was great as i managed to do all the filing of all the receipts/billings, went to the gym on time and was very much looking forward for the Monday breakfast that a friend of mine is treating me. After gym, I stopped by at Central Supermarket to buy myself dinner. As always...too many choices. I finally find myself with two final choices, both Japanese sets, 1. white rice, pan-fried salmon and grilled steak 2. garlic fried rice, pan-fried salmon and japanese curry chicken

I ended up with the curry chicken set, reached home 30 minutes into the X-Men movie. Everything went well until suddenly i felt bloated, too full and abdominal pain. I knew something is going to about 10pm...IBS happened. At 3am, i forced myself to vomit out whatever that's in my stomach...

So..on christmas eve, i was staying at home, lying on the bed most of the time, with the thought 'Not Again!'. If you recalled one of my earlier entry, I was having similar fate on New Year's Eve and was lying on the bed throughout New Year. Well, at least this time, I'm in a stronger mode on Christmas. This is almost I not supposed to celebrate the holidays?

By the way, Beyonce's DejaVu was being played in the gym on Sunday. Creepy!


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